Junio: Pocket Money Card & App

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Junio is your child’s own smart card for all their online and offline expenses. With the Junio card, your child can learn how to earn, spend and save, while you keep a loving eye over their spending. It is very easy to order, no full KYC to order for the physical card. You can instantly top up the Junio card, and it is ready for use by your little one.

Your child doesn’t need to borrow your card ever again or ask you for the OTP.

Junio ensures that your kid is never out of money in an emergency, when you may be somewhere else. It is a prepaid card, so children can only spend what you load up on the card.

Junio promotes interactivity, desirable behaviour, and financial understanding in the children. Tasks such as making the bed, cleaning the car, etc can be set for your child, on completion of which the child earns more pocket money. Children also learn how to save up for the big-ticket item they so badly want, and earn “interest” from you on the amount they save,

Junio card is the best gift for the juniors you love!

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